shawn-james.jpg Shawn James 2008 Underclassmen - The Draft Review
  • Name: Shawn James
  • Position: Power Forward
  • Height: 6-10 (2.08m)
  • Weight: 225 (102kg)
  • College Team: Duquesne Dukes
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
  • Birthdate: 9/10/1983
  • Drafted: Declared for the 2008 NBA Draft but was not drafted by an NBA franchise.
nba Shawn James 2008 Underclassmen - The Draft Review

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0 #8 Lincoln 2008-12-04 10:34
Man, both these dudes didn't make the league. Can y'all give it a rest? My Duquesne player is better than this one. Man, who cares? No one from this school is going to make it to the NBA anyway, unless you get some big-time stats and minutes.

Let's talk about the real players in the NBA, or for this year's draft.
0 #7 JJ 2008-12-04 10:12
Quoting Guest:
reggie jackson
is way better then shawn james

No he isn't! What league is he playing in? How many awards did he win? Where's he at? stfu...shawn james is way better than reggie jackson, duquesne should love shawn james
0 #6 Guest 2008-12-03 13:06
reggie jackson
is way better then shawn james
-1 #5 Guest 2008-06-17 20:01
Shawn James is a shot blocking machine who would shore up the interior defense. He understands the concept of rotations and is quick to the spots. He knows how to locate the ball to grab rebound by using his length and quickness and has excellent timing. He plays great defense that challenges your manhood. He plays tough, and bigger than his size. He holds ground, and leaps well. Has a good offensive game that extends to NBA 3-point range, and can take people off the dribble. Protects the ball well, and finishes well around the rim. He is unselfish and isn't afraid to battle inside to mix it up, and makes high percentage shots. Has high basketball IQ, and really knows how to play the game. James is an awesome hustle player and shot blocker. I would love to see him play in any summer league so people can actually get a feel for how good this guy is. Had the #1 blocks rate and #2 steals rate in Orlando. Is a loyal team player, and does what he can to win.
Watching Celtics-Lakers Game 6, the Lakers could've used a shot blocker from the weakside, since Odom and gasol weren't able to. Shawn James has been rock solid on defense, from dominating the CAA for his first two years to playing reasonable well in a more prospect heavy A-10 conference that had seven players at the Orlando camp, and statistically should've won defensive player of the year. College kids don't understand his game, but he gets after it on defense, and that should be valued. I hope he kicks butt in the pros, and I would love to see him play someday in the league. He is one of the few players who could grind it out in the minor leagues and still make a difference years later in the NBA.
-1 #4 JJ 2008-05-22 19:45
Yeah, buddy, it's something called verstility. I think a few teams may actually find it useful. I've seen this player, and he's good. Prove 'em wrong Shawn, and don't let haters get you down. Teams would be wise to work him out, since you can invite 6 max per day, and he has a variety of skills to provide a team with. If Justin Williams and Adonal Foyle can have a place in this league, so should he. Hopefully, a defensive minded team would know how to use him and hone his overall game. It's important to give him tests so further evaluation can be made about his game. He's easily more athletic and a better weak side shot blocker than most centers in this class, with maybe excepion to a few like McGee. I would give him an NBA workout, and I could even see an NBA team drafting him in the second round, and be rewarded for it. All it takes is the right team that understands his game, and how he can take it to the next level.
+1 #3 Mark 2008-05-22 19:09
I sure hope he knows what he is doing, signing with a little known agent, and leaving early. If he stayed an extra year, he probably would make the Orlando camp easily. Now, I'm not so sure, even with NBA workouts waiting. He's a skilled player with lots of athleticism and defensive potential, of which include shot blocking ability, but he's 24, and teams are considering younger players like C.J. Giles and Derrick Caracter. He needs to wow teams in NBA workouts and prove that the move to 245 pounds will not hurt him in the long run, and must show that he has the speed, quickness, vertical leaping ability to go with the strength and intelligence to be a frontcourt player in this league. He moves very well, and can hit the 3, and takes high percentage shots inside, and can even handle the ball, but how well can he play against top competition? A major question mark. I would invite him as a summer league prospect, but he could be anywhere from Wojciech Mydra to Josh Smith lite. My guess, is that he'll be lucky if he reaches the NBA next year, especially with the difficulty that Lasme had before reaching the Heat. I like his skills, but I'm not sure if he'll get the draft stock any time soon. Therefore, he must battle for a second round spot, or most likely, to make a summer league team and hope to make the NBA via the Joel Anthony/Ben Wallace route. I sure hope he knows what he's doing. Maybe a team like the Pistons could take him, and have Theo Ratliff and/or Rasheed Wallace as an exemplary tutor. A late 2nd round prospect with intriguing tools....but a lot of doubters right now. James must rise above it, let the game come to him, and work hard to be valuable to any pro team. Again, hopefully he makes Orlando, if not, he must prove his worth in the workouts, summer leagues, or most likely next year, in another U.S. minor league or overseas.
-1 #2 Anonymous 2008-04-15 17:37
I think many people underestimate him, he should have 1st round consideration. I think he could be a great fit for a team like the Golden State Warriors or the Phoenix Suns, in which he could be a shot-blocking frontcourt player who can shoot 3s to stretch the defenses. He could be used in the Harrington role, or the Biedrins role, and his shot-blocking would serve as an asset. In an age where Earl Barron is in the NBA, James should certainly garner his chance to prove himself for the Orlando Camp and workouts. He could be like a cross between Tim Thomas and Ben Wallace, and he has the necessary versatility and great athletic tools to succeed in the NBA. I say he should be a late 1st rounder.
0 #1 Guest 2008-04-08 20:03
Shawn James is a very quick, athletic shot blocker whose help defense could earn him a roster spot in the NBA. A rugged, hustle player, he goes after the rebounds and possesses good defensive footwork. He is a more disciplined shot blocker who excels in the open court and runs the floor very well. He also has 3-point range in which he's made 45% and 33% of his 3-pointers in his sophomore and junior years, and is a solid high post player, in which he can use to take big men off the dribble. On defense, his ideal use is to have him use his off-the-ball shot blocking ability to use his excellent timing.
Some of his weaknesses are that Duquesne did not run their offense through him, and that he did not play enough, due to their ten-man offense at a mid-major school, in which their offensive system did him a real disservice because of chucking guards that would not feed him the ball in the post. Still he shot nearly 60% from the floor, and was the team's leading scorer. He also needs to work on cutting his turnovers, for he did not really improve on this skill while at Duquesne.
He could be like a Joakim Noah type on defense, with more shot-blocking skills, and a Tyrus Thomas type on offense. He is a little old, and is close to the same age as Joey Dorsey, and most likely, he is between a rock and a hard place; if he goes to the NBA, he will be most likely drafted in the 50s or not at all, and he will have to scrap in the summer leagues and in the NBDL/Overseas to earn his chance in the league. However, at Duquesne, he might probably put up the same stats, because his coach has a goofy rotation, and the chucking guards don't feed him the ball, which hurts his development because scouts look primarily at scoring for prospect evaluation.
Despite all that, he has the shooting, shot-blocking ability, and athleticism to make the NBA primarily as an off-the-bench defensive specialist.

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