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Former Michigan baller Brent Petway has got some regrets, and he says the school is to blame. In the March 17th Ann Arbor News article by Nathan Fenno, Petway criticizes Michigan for not giving him the proper guidance to pursue a degree in music.

Petway is currently a member of the NBDL’s Idaho Stampede (averging 6.6 PPG and 4.0 RPG), and is also an aspiring rap artist known as "Justice" whose lyrics can be sampled on his MySpace page. He left Michigan as a senior just a few credits shy of a degree in general studies.

In his passion for rap during his 4 years at Michigan, Petway claims he missed pursuing a music degree because he didn’t know the program existed. Petway blames his academic counselor on the grounds that “everybody knew my interest was in music”. But based on his academic philosphy, why is he complaining?

“In the second semester of his sophomore year, he stopped going to class, and he became ineligible to play basketball for the fall semester in 2005."

"I was just going to go to practice and do nothing," Petway said. "I didn't do anything my whole second semester. I didn't even try to go to class..."

"Looking back, Petway says he wasn't prepared to juggle basektball, schoolwork, and a social life."

In hindsight Petway remarked that he would handle his academics differently, and that’s great, but what he fails to understand is the bigger picture. Failure and regrets at twenty-something years old can be very different than in your forties, fifties or sixties. My advice to you, Brent, is to stop the finger pointing and just go after what you want while you're young. Whether it's basketball, rap, or a music degree, just do it. But at this point, blaming Michigan is just a waste of time.

Read the full Ann Arbor News article, including readers' comments for varying points of view in favor of Petway and in defense of Michigan.


0 #3 An\drea 2008-03-19 07:47
Quoting Guest:
This dude's rap is corny

I agree. One of his lyrics is, "strong as an ant, 10 times my own weight". If I were him, I'd focus on becoming a better ball player and maybe going overseas. I think those chances are better than a rap career. I have no hate for Justice, just keeping it honest and real.
0 #2 Guest 2008-03-19 07:38
This dude's rap is corny and unpolished just like his game. Call me LOL Jay-z he's not!
0 #1 Guest 2008-03-18 19:15
Well he was kind of disapointing at Michigan. He can rap decently and I say he has a chance to make it there. He is 23 like I am and he can easily get a music degree right now if he wants it.

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