cj-miles C.J. Giles 2008 Underclassmen - The Draft Review
  • Name: C.J. Giles
  • Position: Center
  • Height: 6-11 (2.11m)
  • Weight: 240 (109kg)
  • College Team: Oregon State Beavers
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
  • Birthdate: 9/25/1985
  • Drafted: Declared for the 2008 NBA Draft but was not drafted by an NBA franchise.
nba C.J. Giles 2008 Underclassmen - The Draft Review

Strengths: Tremendous athlete for his size who can run the court and leap with the best of them … Has shown the ability to shoot 16 feet from the basket when his feet are set … Giles has all the physical tools needed to be an elite shot blocker with his explosives, wingspan and great timing … His mobility allows him to be a great help defender when the perimeter defense breakdowns … Possesses above average hands capable of catching difficult passes, something he struggled with at Kansas … Excellent finisher around the basket or in transition where his athleticism allows for aggressive dunks … Has shown a nice looking jump hook when his back is to the basket … A solid rebounder out of position thanks to his wingspan and lateral movement … Plays the game aggressively and has the mean streak to become a menace … Potentially, he has yet to develop and doesn’t have a lot of bad habits … Has no problem doing the dirty work and will hustle to get put-back opportunities … Physically, Giles possess the body type to add weight without sacrificing his athleticism … Does a solid job of using his length to his advantage around the basket … Has a very good rapport with teammates and was even seen supporting teammates after his dismissal from Oregon State … Post footwork shows good balance and quickness … Free throw shooting has improved and shows good form …

Weaknesses: Off the court issues have severely halted his development over the course of four years … Doesn’t get wide in the post, which leads guards to lob difficult passes over defenders to get the ball to him … Aggressiveness in basketball has its drawbacks, as he doesn’t know how to regulate his emotions and has a tendency to pick-up frustration fouls … Back to the basket skills are still in need of refinement and lack any variety … Can have mental breakdowns in games, as he usually follows one good play with several bad ones … Some have wondered if his lack of development is the product of lack of experience and work ethic, or if Giles is uncoachable - he has had three coaches in four years and hasn’t been able take to instruction … Shot selection leaves a little to be desired, but to his credit he could be rusty from not playing for a year … Basketball IQ isn’t at the level that you would like to see with a player his age … Court vision prevents him from being much of a post passer at this time in his career … Needs to box out better when rebounding in his area … Because of his lack of post moves Giles doesn’t really have the ability to create contact against opposing defenders to get to the free throw line … Although the potential is there, one may wonder if he will ever have the discipline or opportunity to develop it …

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0 #11 Leonard 2008-06-27 17:13
Don't be hating on CJ Giles. He was a big time athlete who could shore up a defense. It's not his fault teams weren't interested, he's got a silky smooth defensive game. Good athlete, can roam around, and terrorize the paint. Many opponents would be scared of him. I think he'll get his chance in the summer leagues, and he's probably got a good shot at making an NBA roster.
0 #10 JJ 2008-06-27 13:15
So he has character issues, being kicked out of two different schools, one for battery, and two for being consistently late to practice. What college kid isn't kicked out of two different schools? So he's an abysmal shooter, shies away from contact, and is a foul machine, because he's always out of defensive position, flying for the one block he makes every game. Who isn't? So he was a marginally player at Oregon State this year, an extremely poor basketball team, and can't at all stay in basketball games. So? He's athletic. Not only athletic, but is a big-time athlete. I can see this with my eyes. And he bulked up. That move will not at all compensate his speed or quickness. I mean, look at Robert Swift. He's up to 280. And Justin Williams, he's up to 260. If they can bulk up and be in the NBA, why can't CJ Giles? I think if he goes in with a chip on his shoulder, he could be in the NBA. As in, a cup of coffee. No way would an NBA team pick this guy in either round.
0 #9 Guest 2008-06-26 13:03
Say what you want, What athlete dosen't have personal issues? The kid has an opportunity of a life time, and if given the chance he will excel. Just wait and see. The kid has gotton bigger and he is dedicated to sharpening his image for the long haul. NBA take that chance on a sure winner!
0 #8 jayhawkowensjunior 2008-06-03 12:59
I don't want to be "that guy"...but according to one of his teammates (an acquaintance of mine), the Jayhawks were unable to run set plays when he was in the game his freshman year, because he could not remember where to be. This persisted into the conference season, and by the end of the year, he sat on the bench. That's not going to cut it in the league.

Also has a problem with dragging women around by their hair and punching them, but so did Robert Parish.
0 #7 Leonard 2008-05-25 19:19
Let's be real about this. Some wouldn't touch Giles with a ten-foot pole. Others may dream to pick him in the 1st round. He's a player with obvious athletic tools, but isn't the most consistent player or reliable human being on the court. If that changes, he will be drafted. Also, he was kicked out of two different schools, and may have to answer issues about that. He had a down year at Oregon State, but only played a half a season, and wasn't given a chance to show his skills against the Pac-10. He will have a real shot to move up draft boards in the Orlando camp if he has a good week against other draftable players, and probably will test well because of great, natural athletic tools to work with. If he played at like a Duquesne or a Xavier, he log heavy minutes and be player of the year at mid major school. He's a difficult case to project, but I think he will probably be a pick in the mid to late second round, unless he tests poorly in the camps and workouts. If Robert Whaley and J.R. Henderson can be in the NBA, so can Giles. And Henderson probably had more production, but slightly less athletic tools than Giles.
0 #6 Mark 2008-05-25 19:07
He may have character issues, but C.J. Giles is a big mobile center who is athletic, like Nuggets/Suns athletic. He'll polish his game, and eventually turn into a star. Was once a first round pick candidate before being booted from Kansas, and wasn't given a chance to finish out the season. Can outrun Zydrunas and Tony Battie in a foot race. There haven't been as athletic a big man as CJ Giles, and he'll be a dominant role player. 15 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 blocks a game, and really show that he could make those Marcus Camby comparisons seem egregiously poor. Scouts love his potential, and they will be rewarded for their patience.
0 #5 JJ 2008-05-25 18:45
A lot of times, teams take chances on overrated players like Whaley, Martin Lewis, or Eric Chenowith. These dudes are hyped up from the beginning, and scouts project skills they either don't have, or ignore the flaws that may be too great for them to succeed. To think that he is a candidate for the Orlando camp is just utterly preposterous.
He's not a great finisher, as his field goal shooting is poor for a big man, and would find that some guards shoot better and draw more free throws than Giles, who averages a mere 5 or 6 points a game. On top of it, how much does his defense actually help? He'll block 1 or 2 shots in college, and then commit 4 or 5 bad hacks, and is a foul machine. He doesn't play 30-35 minutes a game, because he can't play 30-35 minutes a game. He would foul out before he plays a whopping 23 minutes this year, and before 30 at Kansas. Face it, he was an abysmal player on an atrocious Pac-10 team this year, and was only a mediocre big man on a great Kansas team before, which would be why he is on the radar. Yes. he is athletic, and he can rebound and block shots, but he is a questionable human being with inconsistency issues. He merely rises up and scores by being more athletic than everybody else rather than using post moves and has no dribble game whatsoever.
Next Carlos Boozer or Camby? No way. Next backup center on a bad team like Joel Anthony or Loren Woods? Seems like a better comparison.
I think he would develop better if he were to be undrafted. That would actually morivate him so he can be the next Earl Barron.
0 #4 Albert Simmons 2008-05-24 23:44
Quoting Guest:
Also, has the pedigree, played at big schools, so no way is he like Robert Whaley or Dontonio Wingfield. He will be a star, like Carlos Boozer.
Man are you serious Dontonio Wingfield was a beast that had a midget mind. As for Giles being a second rounder I don't see it. I definately give Matt props for thinking outside the box though. It's because of that and his excellent scouting reports that I said the hell with the rest of those BS draft sites.
0 #3 Mark 2008-05-24 16:29
C.J. Giles may be a project player, but is one that is well worth it. I mean, all the best bigs were projects, like Ben Wallace, Adonal Foyle, Greg Oastertag, or Luc Longley. Giles is a very athletic center who should've played more, but is a good shot blocker. If he played 30-35 minutes a game, Oregon State would've dominated. So the coaching staff may be to blame, because Giles is a big-time talent.
Based on what I seen, he takes good shots, and usually makes a lot of them. He has a beautiful post game, and is a power player. He shoots well, but doesn't have much range on his shot, however this can be worked upon. He needs to have a face up game and establish a fadeaway, or be a better passer, like Brook Lopez to increase scoring efficiency, and needs to be more skillful on offense. However, he does a good job of protecting the ball, and is a low post scorer. He needs to bulk up, I mean bulk up to 250 or 260 pounds, and needs to take advantage of his scoring potential. He needs to take on the pounding to handle guys like Duncan, Amare, and Shaq. He should just live in the weight room, and put on more pounds. That way, he'll be a better player who will stick in the league, and be in the mold of Brendan Haywood. Then, he'll stick because he'll be able to handle more powerful players in the paint.
0 #2 Leonard 2008-05-24 15:39
Agreed, Mark. He is the real deal. He moves so well, and is a shot blocking demon. He is a ferocious offensive player, I can't see Duncan or KG handle him. Amare watch out, here comes the next great athletic big man coming to a television near you, right from the Orlando Camp.

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