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When most college coaches were scouting Stephen Curry, the major knock on him as a player was his size and inability to score near the basket. After a whirlwind season last year where Curry lead his team to an elite eight appearance in the NCAA Tournament and earned himself an Associated Press Second Team All-American, those concerns seem to be wavering. The season that Stephen Curry has put up so far this year has only proven that his success last year wasn't a fluke.

The real question is how did Stephen Curry not get recruited by any major program?

That question is still unanswered by most coaches.'s Dave Telep was one of the few scouts who saw something in Curry when he came out of high school and commented in his original scouting report that Curry was "The type of recruit who would leave his mark on the Davidson program" The only major program to offer him a scholarship was Virginia Tech and they wanted to sit him on the bench or red-shirt him. (Also it is important to add that his father Dell Curry went to Virginia Tech)

Many scouts have commented that Davidson up-tempo offense is important for Curry's overall production. This point does seem to have merit to it since Curry is most dangerous in transition being able to spot-up to shoot a three-pointer. However, Curry is successful in half-court sets and is willing to move the ball to set up a team-mate. Loyola Maryland head coach Jimmy Pastos used an extreme double-team defense and as a testament to Curry held him scoreless but Davidson still won by thirty. Curry is currently averaging 30.8 points per game and 6.9 assists per game with wins against West Virginia, NC State and Winthrop making him an early candidate for the Naismith player of the year award.

What does this mean for his NBA stock though? Well, Curry is a tweener, who is more of a shooting guard rather than a point guard but his size dictates that he will most likely play point in the NBA. Most NBA teams would love to use him at point and a current example is what Larry Brown is doing with DJ Augustin in Charlotte. The one specific thing that the NBA scouts will take into consideration is a high basketball IQ that Curry possesses. Most scouts compare Curry to a Steve Kerr/Terrell Brandon type of player but I like to think of him as an improved version of Monta Ellis.

Where would he likely go in the NBA Draft? Well, many mock drafts have him going as a lottery pick and rightfully so. Curry needs to the find the right system to use his talent efficiently or we might have a "Trajan Langdon situation" all over again. However considering the road Curry has taken, failure doesn't seem to be an option.


+1 #12 Chris A. 2015-05-04 11:05
Haha! Just found this article looking for what folks said before Curry went pro. Look at all the halfwits that doubted you, bro. You should do this professionally. Great article!
0 #11 Ben Chew 2009-01-02 09:05
No, JJ is not me. I will post under my own name at least.

I will not claim myself to be an analyst and most of my work here will be talking about college basketball.

Thanks for any of your comments.
-1 #10 Ben Chew 2009-01-02 09:01
Thanks for the responses, I will say one thing. There is no one posting in defense to my knowledge.

Also, I will not claim to be a scout under any circumstances. Those are just my overall opinions, that's all plain and simple.

Specifically, most of my writing will be about College basketball and not player scouting.
0 #9 Guest 2008-12-24 12:12
Quoting Lance Richardson:
JJ either you are Ben Chew or maybe a family member but this guy wouldn't know about basketball except from a fan standpoint.

Exactly... Ben is trying to sound like an analyst but ends up making a fool of himself. Curry can't be likened to any of those players. Monta Ellis? WTF??? At least he named all guards[smiley=laugh]
-1 #8 Lance Richardson 2008-12-23 11:32
JJ either you are Ben Chew or maybe a family member but this guy wouldn't know about basketball except from a fan standpoint. To write as though he has some infinite knowledge and yet be so flawed is why most of us readers are cracking on him. There is a difference JJ between talking with intelligence and just talking. See ESPN if you don't know LOL !!!![smiley=laugh][smiley=laugh][smiley=laugh][smi ley=laugh]
0 #7 Roger 2008-12-23 09:52
Where are you Ben Chew ?? Defend yourself against this brood of vipers! LOL
0 #6 JJ 2008-12-23 09:36
Let the man have an opinion. If he wants to believe Curry's the next Monta Ellis, so be it. Is it so wrong to have an opinion? Apparently so in this headstrong country. He may not be as fast nor quick, but he could put up points as a scoring combo guard. And it's about time somebody were to write about Curry. Last year, he was talked as a second round prospect, late first maybe. This year, lottery. I think the average joe should have a voice in the matter in a civil fashion, regardless of being right or wrong.
0 #5 Big John 2008-12-23 08:46
To be honest Rico I question if this guy should even continue to be a writer. Ben you should have made this a human interest piece not trying to sound like your some kind of talent evaluator. Your not Matthew Maurer nor should you try to be. Stick to what you know or what you can prove as fact. I don't mind this kind of article on the site though. To me it further proves why many intelligent fans trust Maurer when it comes to scouting because he is 90% of the time on the money. With that being said Mr. Maurer what do you think of Curry?
-1 #4 Rico Suave 2008-12-23 01:56
Man this guy doesn't know jack about basketball. I can see why Maurer doesn't let anyone else write scouting reports on this site. Dude do what you do best be a writer but please leave scouting to the real pro's like Maurer,Givony or Aran Smith.
-1 #3 Guest 2008-12-22 17:56
How the hell do you call him an improved version of monta ellis? the only thing that is similar is their frame. Curry does not have the quickness, speed, vertical leap, or creativity around the basket that Monta has, but he does have a terrific stroke (something Monta doesn't have)

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